Poetry Lab

Through its various projects, the Poetry Lab seeks to bring poetry out of the traditional roots and enrich its beauty by combining it with other fine arts such as calligraphy, photography, and composition. This is achieved through long-term projects, Labs, and exhibitions, held as part of the Poetry Lab throughout the season. This Lab also aims to make poetry more vibrant and vivid by not only embracing all its forms, but also interacting with its authors and connoisseurs. In this regard, the Lab seeks to reach all segments of society, especially the youth, to approach poetry in its spirit, and to understand it as a form of beauty.

Furthermore, the Lab strives to pave the way for the complexity and beauty of Omani poetry to reach non-Omanis and non-Arabs. As a truly unique experience, it is one that deserves to be introduced and marketed to others through translations, internal and external events, and through partnerships with various local and international establishments.