Al Marsad Al Thaqafi

Al Marsad Al Thaqafi at Bait Al Zubair is a research platform for the in-depth study of culture; its nature, direction, and roots. It is also aimed at predicting the future of intellectual and artistic movements and exploring how culture is evolving.

Al Marsad is focused on various issues related to literature, intellect, history, music, theatre, arts, and more. This is evident through the questionnaires, interviews, articles, written pieces, and video interviews that Marsad frequently publishes.

Light Lanes Series

A series of video interviews produced by the Marsad at Bait Al Zubair with talented Omani specialised in various cultural fields. These interviews were made with the aim of bringing the viewer closer to the different cultural experiences available within the community whilst at the same time shedding light on some of the lesser known reasoning behind such experiences. It also seeks to enrich content related to Arabic culture available online.