Furniture from a grand house

In the Furniture Gallery we find authentic pieces from the past three centuries. Conserved and meticulously restored, most of the furniture in this collection is European in style and belonged to the Late Sheikh Al Zubair bin Ali, father of Mohammad Al Zubair, founder of the Museum. The furniture represents the cosmopolitan life and sophistication of the more privileged residences in Muscat from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. This collection is understood to be rare and may possibly be the only selection of furniture from this period that still exists, since most families in Muscat did not keep their old furniture when modern styles became available.

Hanging on the far walls on each side of the Gallery are photographs of two previous Sultans in their offices, which are appointed with furniture in the style of that on display – Sayyid Faisal bin Turki  on the right, and  Sayyid Taimur bin Faisal on the left.

In the photograph of Sayyid Faisal we see a carpet hung on the wall in a similar fashion to that of the exhibit. The arm chair on which he sits is like those exhibited below his picture. Similarly, the desk in Sultan Taimur’s office resembles the real desk in the Gallery. Through the photographs, the displays in the Gallery are transformed into scenes from history.