The Manuscript Room

On the first floor of in Bait Al Bagh is a hallowed room of rare books and manuscripts. The books and manuscripts are displayed open on book stands so that the script and decoration can be seen. This special room emanates a sense of timelessness.The Gallery contains an invaluable selection of books and manuscripts in Jurisprudence, History, Dream Interpretation, Classical poetry, and the Holy Qu’ran and its exegesis. It features a fascinating book series of collected stories and anecdotes written in Muscat during the early twentieth century.

A panel display informs us that the pursuit of knowledge holds a revered place in the history of Islam. Learned works were readily available for consultation in public as well as private libraries across the Muslim world. Such was the intrinsic value of books and manuscripts that, in times of war, they were often used as ransom or taken as booty.