Male Attire

Bait Al Zubair Museum carefully collects traditional Omani male attire and accessories. The collection highlights regional variations and the different types of formal dress, and there are pieces that date from the early 20th century AD. The Omani national dress for a man is the elegant yet simple long egalitarian gown called a dishdasha.

It has long sleeves and a round neck with a delicately embroidered opening that goes down the chest, and is fastened by a button at the neck and features a special tassel that is often perfumed; it can be seen in a variety of colours although white is considered most formal.

The dishdasha is fairly uniform in style throughout the country; the two most distinct differences are in Sur and Al Dhahira and examples from these two regions can be seen in the museum’s collection. The collection also contains a fine selection of bisht, elegant cloaks edged with golden trimming, worn with a dishdasha, khanjar and turban (musr).

The collection also includes leather shoes and silver belts, pipes, tweezer sets and khol holders formed from used cartridges.
A selection from this collection can be viewed in the Khanjar and Male Attire Gallery in Bait Al Bagh, the main museum building.