Omani Women Photographers: Those Who Inspire

Posted on 21st May 2018
Omani Women Photographers: Those Who Inspire

Written by: Dr. Marwan Imran

Edited by: Karina De Jesus Murphy

One of the most inspiring arts of Oman’s contemporary art is photography, which has extended from the decade of the eighties of last century. The art is one of the most important contemporary visual arts since the 90’s. Photography is described as an artistic movement extending to other visual arts, especially plastic ones. Surprisingly, today’s photography movement has unleashed all amateur and illustrious photography artists, a group of Omani women who have unique influence in the art of photography today and have a dramatic impact through different concepts and styles which had created an aesthetic thinking and vision in the reality of photography. The Omani Feminism Photography, which joins together female Omani enthusiasts, is a contemporary movement which has a significant impact on the work of some of Omani photographers today.

There are many names who create unique experiences as they promote the value of photography the same way as the other visual arts by following the schools of art and rules of aesthetic.

Some of them had worked to change images into abstract concepts beyond reality and search for objects rather than the usual forms and patterns. Others play around the element of fading, blackness and whiteness in images which are conceptual elements rather than basic components showing no movement at all. Some of these names include Omani Female photographers such as Dalia Al-Bassami, Rasha Al-Abdili, Nadia Al-Omari, Muzna Al-Hindi and Fatima Al-Qasabia.