Historical Angles Exhibition by Fatma Al Qassabi

“Historical Angles” Exhibition by Fatma Al Qasabbi

The exhibition “Historical Angles” by Omani photographer Fatma Al Qassabi will open at Bait Al Zubair on the 18th April at 7:30pm.  Fatima is the first Omani photographer who showed great interest in shooting castles and forts.  She was fascinated by the city where she grew up with which was full of historical monuments and Omani landscape, and where the light of Islam appeared.

Fatma Al Qassabi aims to highlight the features of Oman’s original unique architecture, which is a testimony to the genius minds of the Omani people, and to show them to the world by publishing these images in social media sites and participating in exhibitions, events and competitions.

 The exhibition includes more than one plate, containing several castles such as Bahla Castle, Nakhl Castle, Gibran Fort, Samawil and other paintings that mimic the historical angles of the Sultanate. Visitors to the museum will be able to view the paintings until the 3rd May 2018.

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