Desert’s Tune Exhibition by Salim Sakhi

Posted on 11th April 2018
Desert’s Tune Exhibition by Salim Sakhi

By: Dr. Marwan Imran

Edited By: Karina De Jesus Murphy


Omani artist, Salim Sakhi’s series of artworks that are displayed in his solo exhibition in Gallery Sarah this year are a mix between expressionism and abstract. Entitled, “Desert’s Tunes”, the exhibition shows 35 of his works focusing on one emotional rhythm in different layers and spaces of the awesome and meditative Omani environment. His interpretation of the sand dunes in his paintings creates a wave of emotions in a natural harmonic movement.


Desert’s Tunes is a visual demonstration of the rippling movements of the sand dunes in some of the desert regions of Oman. Salim sees a natural aesthetic appeal not of human creation but a gift from nature. “The Omani environment is a combination of rough and soft roads. The desert is an extension and a representation of that beautiful soft place, which is where I took the inspiration for the theme of this exhibition. The rhythmic stroke of the brush is an optical image of the desert’s music shown in the lights and shadows of the artworks,” Salim said.


The emotional rhythm in the paintings came from two sources. First, in the waveforms of the sand similar to the parallel waves of the sea. Second, the refractions of sunlight which create a dark shadow and shining light. Those contrasts make a visually awakening music in the dunes. The only movement is the quiet wind that creates music in between the silence.


The expressionism influence in Salim’s artworks appear in the contrasting color spaces in the shadows of the sand, and the abstract appears in the main spaces of paintings without any other details. He mixed abstract in his technique, making the paintings expand and because the desert environment, unlike the landscape, do not have any other kind of details.