STORIES: The Ali Al Mamari Exhibition, 31st October at Bait Al Zubair


“AQASIS” Art Gallery for the Artist Ali AL-Mamari

The Kuma serves as a distinguishing feature in the Omani traditional costumes for its workmanship, and the skill involved in its hand-sewing that gives an aesthetic touch. Omani Kuma plays an important figure in my works embedded in this exhibition. I chose Omani Kuma as the main component of my works since it reflects modesty. At the same time, it reflects the pride of the people of Oman. The features of this cap, related to environmental conditions, comfort and tradition, make it the most distinctive among the traditional head covers of the Gulf countries, plus, it is the most delicate in its preparation.

The most common concept that I try to convey in my works is the application of Kuma which is shown in bright colors. This idea is deeply influenced and taken from Omani folklore and the popular traditional life.  I try to express the image of the Omani heritage using Kuma in my paintings and incorporate popular traditions such as music, concerts and avenues in a dramatic way that gives the audience the idea of the Sultanate’s past, as well as modern art in the 21st century.

I try to combine Abstract Art and the mosaic of Islamic decoration with the Omani heritage in this experience.

-Ali Al Mamari

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